Fri 09 Nov 2018
The 100 Club, London
Artists watched: Abdoujaparov, Doozer McDooze

Ticket for Abdoujaparov

The latest in a long line of "I can't believe" posts ... I can't believe it's been 20 years since Abdoujaparov formed. That means it's existed way longer than lead singer Fruitbat's better known band, Carter USM.

Poster for Abdoujaparov

That also makes it almost 20 years since my first radio interview with them, which I took at their second show in early 1999 in Chelmsford.


The band have only managed to squeeze out three albums in that time but they played live countless times - I'm not sure exactly how many times I've seen them live but it must be 15 or 16 now. (One day I'll count it up and put the correct figure in here).

The 100 Club is probably my favourite central London venue now so it was a good place to go and see anyone's 20th anniversay show.


The band played a good long set, as befitting a 20th anniversary show (despite the three albums) and his ex-Carter partner Jim Bob even jumped on stage for one of them.


Support was from Essex's finest punk/folk troubadour, Doozer McDooze. Love this photo that someone else took (thanks Officially Pete) - can you see me lurking (but watching attentively) way in the background?

Doozer McDooze

Doozer McDooze



I love cryptic puzzles, don't you, he says sarcastically ... can you work them all out? I think I can get most of them without reference to the albums and singles ... Tweet me if you know them all!

Setlist for Abdoujaparov

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