The Red Penguin

Creating a new JUCE class with Projucer

Friday 31 July 2020

It's not as simple as just going in there and adding a new file to the IDE, because remember that we use the Projucer to manage our project.

Let's start by doing the DJAudioPlayer class.

I need to open Projucer, go to Open Existing Project and locate C:\Users\paulg.DESKTOP-AU8JD0H\source\repos\OtoDecks4\OtoDecks4.jucer

Go to the File Explorer panel and highlight Source. Then hit the + button

Choose Add New CPP & Header file

I need to give it a name, so I would type DJAudioPlayer

If I don't click Source (above) the two new files get created outside the source folder. I can click and drag them in using the Projucer interface.

Go to File > Save

This should have regenerated the code so I can now open it in the IDE - VS2019.

And that's how you add a new class to the Projucer project - do it through Projucer and not VS2019.