Divine Comedy

Thu 17 Oct 2019
Hammersmith Apollo, London
Artists watched: Divine Comedy

Ticket for the Divine Comedy

Another chance to see The Divine Comedy live, this time touring their most recent album, Office Politics.

Flyer for the Divine Comedy

I had a lot of trouble getting into this album - other Divine Comedy albums change in style but are fairly constant all the way through, which creates a great album listening experience.

It's easy to see what links all the songs lyrically, but stylistically Office Politics is all over the place. While the two lead singles, Queuejumper and Norman and Norma, are both fantastic (but very different) songs I found it difficult to listen to the whole thing all the way through.

Luckily I persevered a few weeks before this gig and am listening to the album all the time now. It's just a great collection of songs.

Hammersmith Apollo

The Divine Comedy

The main set was a run-through of the album although previous Divine Comedy songs were slotted in at places which would make sense if they were on the original album, which was a nice touch.

It was also good to hear the last three songs - Your Daddy's Car, Songs Of Love and Tonight We Fly - without the full band for a change, sung as stripped down as possible with all of the band members on backing vocals, as you can see from my final picture.

The Divine Comedy

The Divine Comedy

The Divine Comedy


  • Europop
  • Queuejumper
  • Generation Sex
  • Commuter Love
  • Office Politics
  • Norman and Norma
  • Come Home Billy Bird
  • The Synthesiser Service Centre Super Summer Sale
  • Infernal Machines
  • You'll Never Work in This Town Again
  • I'm a Stranger Here
  • At the Indie Disco
  • I Like
  • National Express
  • The Life and Soul of the Party
  • A Feather in Your Cap
  • A Lady of a Certain Age
  • Absent Friends
  • When the Working Day Is Done
  • Something for the Weekend
  • Philip and Steve's Furniture Removal Company
  • Your Daddy's Car
  • Songs of Love
  • Tonight We Fly
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