Ed Borrie, Scare Taxi, The Metatrons

Fri 06 Sep 2019
The Green Room, Welwyn Garden City
Artists watched: Ed Borrie, Scare Taxi, The Metatrons

Flyer for Ed Borrie

Another new venue for me - The Green Room turns out to be the upstairs gig room at the rather lively Doctors Tonic pub just outside the centre of Welwyn Garden City.

The Doctors Tonic

Nice Ford Capri in the car park there!

Typically I got there way too early, and went for a walk around town. I forgot that September isn't summer, didn't have a coat, and it was freezing ...

Thankfully the pub was warmer. I was the first person in the room, and sat on a comfy armchair for a good hour or so while the DJ played Singles Going Steady by the Buzzcocks, not once, not twice, but three times all the way through. I enjoyed that immensely, of course.

First up, two bands that I hadn't seen before. The Metatrons are an indie-pop outfit, local I think to tonight's show, in a good Indietracks kind of way.

The Metatrons

Scare Taxi are a Brighton duo (pretty sure they are a husband/wife duo but I might be wrong) with an interesting set and some great songs. And once again I failed to pick out ex-These Animal Men singer Alexander Boag, as I had done at the Art Brut gig a few months ago!

Scare Taxi

Scare Taxi

I've been playing Ed's stuff a lot on the radio and he asked me to come down tonight - and naturally I obliged. He saw me before the gig and said hello to me and we had a quick chat - which was nice because as everyone knows I am TERRIBLE with faces and I would have had trouble picking him out right up to the point where he picked up the mike to start his set!

"What Goes On" is Ed's first solo album and it was probably going to be the follow-up to S*M*A*S*H's 2017 album Goodbye WGC - but the band split up abruptly at the end of 2018.

Unusually for an artist promoting an album with live shows, every track was played in order - something that usually only happens when bands get back together for the obligatory "20th anniversary etc" shows. But it worked.

I wasn't particularly expecting any S*M*A*S*H songs - but for the encore he spoke at length about the events that happened in his life which made up the story to Shame, one of the five tracks on their 1994 self-titled debut EP (which I played many, many times) - and then treated us all to an acoustic rendition of the same.

Great evening out - looking forward to more Borrie gigs in the future ...

Ed Borrie

Ed Borrie

poster inside the pub

Ed Borrie on the front of Melody Maker 1994

I actually remember buying this particular magazine ... I'd just moved to Great Burstead and picked it up from the newsagent in Church Street, which turned into a private house two weeks later ...


  • Beautiful Girl
  • The Permafrost
  • Obscurity
  • Tears Of The Innocent
  • Seagulls And Spiders
  • My Father, The Sky
  • Everything Is Negotiable
  • Open Up And Fall Apart
  • Orphans Of Apollo
  • Three a.m. (Only A Matter Of Time)
  • The End
  • Shame
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