Thu 24 Oct 2019
Horn at the Half Moon, Bishop's Stortford
Artists watched: Hurtling, Petrol Boys, Pink Haze

Flyer for Hurtling

Another new venue for me and a chance to see a band I'd missed last week in London - Hurtling.

Fair play to every town in Essex that seem to put on local acts and nurture their band scene. Every town except my one, of course. And I'm just over the border in Hertfordshire but we can probably ignore that!

The Horn at the Half Moon

We can also ignore that Hurtling aren't "local" to here but first band Petrol Boys are. Hard to pigeonhole these guys - they went from punk to lounge to dub reggae to post punk to ska to whatever genre Fugazi is (I was more of a fan of the Marillion album of that name than the band).

Petrol Boys

I actually came down early to interview the band for my radio show - I'd met two thirds of them, Jen and Jon, back in 2011 when they were in Something Beginning with L. They've also toured as part of Graham Coxon's band and My Bloody Valentine and it's probably fair to say that musically Hurtling are somewhere in between (although nearer to Coxon).


New album Future From Here came out last week and it's one of my favourites of the year - best track is Memory Cassette which is a real "Gary Crowley on GLR in the early 90s" classic. That's meant as a compliment!


Sadly I didn't catch enough of Pink Haze's set to give a worthwhile opinion. Sorry Pink Haze!

Pink Haze


  • E Flat One
  • Memory Cassette
  • Feel It
  • Alone
  • Please Don't Know Us
  • Blank It Out
  • Summer
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