Love From Stourbridge

Sat 20 Apr 2019
Digbeth Institute, Birmingham
Artists watched: Ned's Atomic Dustbin, Pop Will Eat Itself, Miles Hunt

Ticket for Love From Stourbridge 2019

I'm still unsure how many more times I'll be able to watch bands from the late 80s and early 90s - so I'm trying to make a conscious effort to see a number of bands at least once a year.

Since I missed the chance to see this tour in London a few weeks ago, I decided to get my act together and order a ticket for their sort-of-hometown show.

Flyer for Love From Stourbridge 2019

As I was up in Birmingham on my own, and I'd pretty much seen all the local sights in 30 minutes, I got in nice and early and perched myself up on the balcony.

I got chatting with one of the security guards who showed me the set times on their sheet. After I'd taken a quick photo of it, I realised there was some much more interesting information on there!

security info

I haven't really seen a great deal of The Wonder Stuff live throughout my life. Miles Hunt came on to do a short acoustic set of 8 tracks and I really enjoyed it. His voice was perfect and the guitar playing reminded me how good his songwriting is. After the gig I did dig out Hup! again - well, like all my cassettes they're in an unknown box in my loft, so Spotify came to the rescue...

Miles Hunt

Pop Will Eat Itself and Ned's Atomic Dustbin were co-headlining so they both had a set of about 60 minutes each. Pop Will Eat Itself's set was based around This Is The Day... This Is The Hour... This Is This! album, which is shockingly celebrating its 30th anniversary in a couple of weeks' time. It was the first time I got to hear a lot of these tracks live - and as a Pop Will Eat Itself fan from back in the day I have to say that Mary Byker is as good a lead singer as Clint was - not to take anything away from Clint, of course.

Pop Will Eat Itself

Pop Will Eat Itself

Ned's Atomic Dustbin are a bit of an enigma for me. I've always liked them but I never seem to be playing their music anymore. I don't think I'm that familiar with a lot of the albums either, as I bought up all the singles first time round. Everytime I see them live though, I really enjoy it - I always hear a lot of stuff I'm not familiar with and it's good as the ones I know well. Tonight was no exception and the whole band put on a great performance full of energy - even though the venue's sound system wasn't the best.

Ned's Atomic Dustbin

Tonight's show was definitely worth the 330 mile round trip. I'll have to see them a little bit nearer home next time though.



Miles Hunt
  • Unbearable
  • Ruby Horse
  • Can't Shape Up
  • Don't Let Me Down, Gently
  • Room 512, All the News That's Fit to Print
  • Caught In My Shadow
  • Give, Give, Give Me More, More, More
Pop Will Eat Itself
  • PWEI Is a Four Letter Word
  • Preaching to the Perverted
  • Wise Up! Sucker
  • Sixteen Different Flavours of Hell
  • Inject Me
  • Can U Dig It?
  • The Fuses Have Been Lit
  • Poison to the Mind
  • Def Con One
  • Radio P.W.E.I.
  • Shortwave Transmission on 'Up to the Minuteman Nine'
  • Satellite Ecstatica
  • Not Now James, We're Busy...
  • Wake Up! Time to Die...
  • Ich Bin Ein Auslander
  • Get the Girl! Kill the Baddies!
  • Their Law
Ned's Atomic Dustbin
  • Tantrum
  • Not Sleeping Around
  • Until You Find Out
  • Throwing Things
  • Trust
  • Walking Through Syrup
  • A Leg-End In His Own Boots
  • Aim
  • Stuck
  • 2 + 2 Made Five
  • Cut Up
  • Traffic
  • Capsize
  • Happy
  • Grey Cell Green
  • Intact
  • Kill Your Television
  • Selfish
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