Top Of The Alcopops

Fri 17 May 2019
The Dome, Tufnell Park, London
Artists watched: Art Brut, Lovely Eggs, Dream Nails

Ticket for Top Of The Alcopops

The mini-est of mini festivals, taking place at the Dome in Tufnell Park - amazingly, a new venue for me.

poster for Top Of The Alcopops

Alcopop! Records have put on a number of bands this evening, including the intriguingly-named Foxcunt and Belgian noise merchants Raketkanon, who I would have hoped to have seen but it just didn't work out that way.

I couldn't get their early enough to see Suffolk indie outfut Gaffa Tape Sandy (luckily I caught them at Latitude last year) but I was lucky enough to see the whole set from Dream Nails, who conveniently (for me) came on half an hour late.

Dream Nails

They had a great and slightly sweary set and I have been checking them out more on Spotify since this show. And they had way too much energy.

We decided not to switch rooms (some of the bands were playing the Boston Music Room, wherever that was) and we camped down for the evening, catching a good set from the Lovely Eggs - although it was more noisy and less pop-friendly than other sets I have seen from them. Maybe they were trying to judge the crowd but it would have been a bit nice to have had a sausage roll thumb or other animals too.

Lovely Eggs

When Art Brut came on for the headline set, four big "birthday" style balloons appeared spelling out TOTA - "Top Of The Alcopopos". This confused me a little bit at first, as any appearance of Art Brut makes me automatically think of TOTP, and I wondered if they had run out of P balloons and made a P out of a sideways A.

I managed to work it out in the end but the O balloon broke free and ended up stuck to the ceiling during the first song, leading three big balloons spelling out TAT at the front of the stage - something that wasn't lost on Eddie Argos, who noticed it too ...

Art Brut

Predictably another enjoyable set from Art Brut (when is it ever not?) and left me looking forward to the next one.

set times for Top Of The Alcopops



Art Brut:
  • Formed a Band
  • My Little Brother
  • She Kissed Me (And It Felt Like a Hit)
  • Hospital!
  • Alcoholics Unanimous
  • St. Pauli
  • These Animal Menswear
  • Summer Job
  • Axl Rose
  • Emily Kane
  • Wham! Bang! Pow! Let's Rock Out!
  • Hooray!
  • Bad Weekend
  • Post Soothing Out
  • Modern Art
Lovely Eggs:
  • I'm With You
  • Witchcraft
  • Food
  • I Shouldn't Have Said That
  • Dickhead
  • Magic Onion
  • Hello I Am Your Sun
  • Wiggy Giggy
  • People Are Twats
  • Fuck It
  • Allergies
  • Return of Witchcraft
Dream Nails:
  • Take My Name
  • Tourist
  • Corporate Realness
  • Vagina Police
  • DIY
  • Chirpse Degree Burns
  • Love Fuck
  • Payback
  • ACAB
  • Jillian
  • Swimming Pool
  • Deep Heat
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