Hello, thanks for finding this place. It's not really a proper website, just a home for my wayward writings, photos and things I found on the internet over the years. No Wordpress, no Blogger, just Notepad and a load of clumsy code.

Road trips, rail trips!

In May 2013 I got on a train in Billericay and ended up in Ulanbataar. Read all about it here.

In February 2015 I drove from coast to coast and saw a few things along the way. Click here to read all about it.

Gig diaries

21 November 2015: I have now put up pictures, videos and a terrible review for every gig I have been to since the start of 2012 - that's 113 in total. I've still got 288 to do. The most recent gig I have put up is Shed Seven and the Inspiral Carpets at the Forum, Hertfordshire.


Just a couple of random ones on here for now with the Frank and Walters and the Sultans of Ping, although I like bands who don't come from Cork too.


Things I didn't write but I might need one day, only to find the website has been 404'ed ...
Iceland - 9 amazing views

A bird

I think I'm meant to do an "About" here but I think you'd be more interested in seeing a random seagull.